Career Development

Police officers

Choose your own path

Once you’re working as a police officer, there are plenty of opportunities for you to progress your career in all kinds of directions. You could choose to rise through the ranks, taking on more and more responsibility. You could instead choose to explore new areas of policing and specialise in something like counter terrorism, supporting the victims of child abuse or firearms. Whatever your interests and ambitions, there’s an exciting career path waiting for you.

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Positive action police officers
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Supporting you

There’s plenty of help, support, mentoring and supervision on hand to help you progress through every stage of your career. Whether one of your colleagues identifies your potential as a leader, or you spot a path you feel drawn to, our framework ensures that your skills develop in the right direction to help your career be as rewarding and as effective as possible.

All of our talent management is done with inclusivity at its heart and carried out fairly and transparently. For under-represented groups, we also provide additional Positive Action support so that we can help you in the way that’s best for you.

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